Craig Williams and Team   

Eight Models For
Confidently Determining
The Right Sales Force Size


"Sales Managers must know how to determine
 sales force size and structure by using something more
than experience and gut feeling"

Do You Upsize, DownSize or RightSize?

An explanation of
eight scientific models used to determining the right salesforce size.

    Simple spreadsheets for the eight models.

    A presentation outline for senior management or the board of directors to justify your recommendations.

    A full set of references for the models.

Tips and Notes relating to a formal presentation and how to respond to the most likely questions or objections.

     Also How To:
            1. Determine the optimal size of the sales force based on the market & product segments, current & potential demand, carryover and multiyear contribution effects, territory size and so forth
            2. Allocate sales force effort to market segments and products.
            3. Determine how much a product/category is likely to increase or decrease by increasing or decreasing the sales force effort by a certain amount.
            4. Determine what are the likely short-term and long term risks associated with increasing or decreasing the size of the sales force.
These models are the result of a lot of work with many sales teams from theoretical and practical perspectives.
Let's face it you can't afford to make mistakes when hiring and firing people and there is nothing worse than trying to justify an upsize or downsize on flimsy data.  When you apply these eight models you'll have an instant rock solid basis for your actions.  No one will be able to touch you with criticism and you'll know you have done the right thing for the business.  If nothing else you'll elevate yourself to the status of guru in an afternoon.

In the unlikely event that sales do not go the right way you will be able to say with confidence that your sales force analysis was tight and that you were diligent in the decision making process and also that you provided the other decision makers with all the information.

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You could spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to come up with your own models or blow two days on a course or write off thousands bringing in consultants.

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